Delivering achievable results and realistic outcomes.

Innovation, improved efficiency and identified opportunities.


We will support you in making quick and optimized decisions, accompanying the action plan and measuring the results. Innovation, improved efficiency, identified opportunities, .. new approaches towards solutions that deliver real impact. We provide advice and targeted strategies based on company's objectives and capabilities.


At PAConsult, we work in partnership to ensure that your decisions are informed and effective and that the results of your action plan is monitored and optimised. Within the context of safety and security, we support companies and organisations in making intelligence led and result driven decisions based on Open Source and Social media intelligence techniques.

Creating a (near) real-time situational awareness picture is the basis for obtaining a strategic advantage within the common operational picture.

Detecting internal threats and making the corresponding risk analysis both in a day-to-day business setting or during events is a logical next step after we have developed a security awareness / security culture together with the customer.

Our focus is on innovation and improving efficiency, we constantly look for new solutions that bring about real, positive change. Our customised strategies are tailored to your company's specific goals and capabilities.

Our mission is to bring about a (r)evolution in the approach to safety and security by going beyond common standards and basing all decisions on industry developments and innovations.


In today's fast-paced and complex world, offers innovative solutions that turn complexity into a strategic advantage. Our solutions are designed to transform data into actionable knowledge, creating a clear and unified picture for the benefit of business operations.

Our personalised, secure cloud-based solutions Videntium Roadwarrior ®, Videntium Cloudghost ® and Videntium Wave ® provide a comprehensive suite of advanced OSINT/SOCMINT applications, with clear instructions and support to tackle the challenges of real-time intelligence gathering. You can read all about it on our product page

We understand the crucial relationship between man and machine, big data, and its impact on GDPR and sustainability initiatives. Our goal is to improve your capabilities in information gathering, analysis, management, sharing and communication. Our approach focuses on critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity, and our focus remains on innovation and improved efficiency.

Whether you are a private company or a government agency, we offer personalised advice and help you develop strategies that match your objectives and capabilities, within your budget and timeframe. Our practical approach promises positive change in a relatively short timeframe.


Peter Acke

Peter Acke, Belgian atypical tactical and strategical analyst with international experience who combines operational results with successful change projects.

He contributed until recently to the short and long term results of counter extremism, counter radicalism and counter fundamentalism government business models.

Proud member of the ECSA group