Delivering achievable results and realistic outcomes.

Innovation, improved efficiency and identified opportunities.


We will support you in making quick and optimized decisions, accompanying the action plan and measuring the results. Innovation, improved efficiency, identified opportunities, .. new approaches towards solutions that deliver real impact. We provide advice and targeted strategies based on company's objectives and capabilities.


Within I-ATAC we change the way clients think about safety and security by going “above and beyond”; every day, basing all decisions on evolutions and developments.


  • OSINT / SOCMINT courses, accessible for government, law enforcement and defense organizations
  • Real Time Intelligence courses (RTIC courses) for Crisis Cells , Social media monitoring , Internet Search Techniques
  • Safety and Security audits, penetration testing, conception and design of critical data center's, network architecture, critical systems
  • High Quality video supported Safety and Security inspection flights with class I drones
  • Training programs for a wide range of missions; terrain and tactical situations for (private) security professionals
  • VidentiuM®, personalized, private cloud based, OSINT solution. A one stop shop who offers the latest proven applications, including clear manuals and support to safely and discreetly meet the challenges of OSINT and Real Time Intelligence Collection.


Within I-CARE we emphasise the relation between men and machine (IOT), Big Data and the effect on GDPR and sustainability projects in search of a better world.

We explore the possibilities of interactions between man and machine focusing on the connection of devices to the Internet using embedded software and sensors to communicate, collect and exchange in favour of a sustainable future and in support of mankind.


  • The SAFETY OFFSHORE SYSTEM is a project for the benefit of professional crews onboard ships and offshore installations with the aim to increase safety on the work floor trough rule based executions of operations, increase survival rate in case of emergency (immobilization, man over board situations and situations where no distress call can be broadcasted). The overall objective of the SAFETY OFFSHORE SYSTEM is to improve the live hoods of seafarers and increase the situational awareness for first responders (specifically SAR units).


PA consult is dedicated to help you to build or improve your ability to collect, analyze, manage, share and communicate information.

Innovation, improved efficiency and identified opportunities are the building blocks for solutions that deliver real and positive impact!

We will advise you and assist you in producing goal-based strategies that fit your objectives and capabilities whether you are a private business or a government agency. Our pragmatic approach will ensure positive changes in a relative short timescale and on a predefined budget.


Humankind is facing unprecedented revolutions with the upcoming 5G networks and the IOT approach. How can we position ourselves and our children in a world of such unprecedented transformations and radical uncertainties? Delivering those answers and possible tracks to follow is our cup of tea.

Critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity is our approach.

Since PAConsult cannot stop (r)evolution, we aim to prepare you to deal with it successfully and to your advantage.


Peter Acke

Belgian atypical tactical and strategical analyst with international experience who combines operational results with successful change projects.

He contributed until recently to the short and long term results of counter extremism, counter radicalism and counter fundamentalism government business models.

Proud member of the ECSA group